English Learning Course!  Rs.4500/- Offer price: 699/-

 Learn English through a game. This course is specially designed by British Council & Mr.Sreekanth (Former Indian Cricketer)

Three Levels,1. Beginner, 2. Intermediate & 3. Advanced. You will get Certificate after completing each levels.


Suitable for the Students those who start learning English language. In this level you will study 1.Language focus
grammar, 2.Listening &
conversation, 3.Developing reading
skills & vocabulary, 4.Anecdotes.


Already know English language but you want to study more about grammer, vocabulary, Other skills etc


You will get advanced teaching of first and second levels. Completing all levels will give you confidence to attend various interviews, group discussions etc


Our Course Offerings

English Strokes

6 Month classes

3 courses such as Beginner,Intermediate and Advanced.(English Strokes).

Career Development Course

12 week classes

We have prepared such courses in a view to build a strong career,  adopted several techniques to teach these portions. This will help you to improve a lot.

Self Learning and Application based Videos

Online Self Paced

Anyone can simply study our courses by using our mobile application and online portal. You dont want anyone’s support to study these all,  so you will save timetime,  money etc.

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Register today and you will get the course at offer price mentioned above. This offer will be available only few days, after that the course fee will be re-fixed to normal. 


Why Learn English Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

By studying English language, you can use it at anywhere in the world, because it is widely spread and accepted language other than all native languages.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Almost 90% overseas interviews will be conducted in English Language, so you will need to study English is a must.

Career & Personality Development

By studying an International Accepted language will help you to build a better career. Your personality also will be developed.

Become a Better Learner

If you don’t know English, seriously you will miss a lot of books, teaching tutorials, and everything prepared at English Language.

Business Development & Communication

If you are not good in English, there is a communication gap will occur in between you and other peoples. Business is a game and  if you are performing well and adopt various techniques you will win.

Speak With More People

If you know your local language, you can use it with you native peoples only, if you are going abroad or other states, you need to study another language. While studying English, it will help you to communicate with peoples anywhere in the world.


Why Learn With Us?


Course prepared by highly qualified professionals

Each course prepared by the team of professionals and the course structure approved by British  Council.


British Council Certificate

After the completion of each course,  you will be certified by British Council. 


Certificate is an added qualification

This certificate is very valuable and you can treated as additional qualification, this will help you to increase the self confidence while attending an interview. 


Collaboration with Common Service Center Scheme

CSC E-governance Services Ltd is developed and controlled by Government of India, to provide better education to village/panchayath peoples, CSC collaborated with EnglishStrocks & CareerStrocks.  

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

You can select Mobile application or direct website to study each and every course including various video classes. You have 6 months to complete this course