Top 5 Largest Vegetables Producing Countries

Vegetables are any part of a plant and that is used by humans as food. Leaves, stems or roots of a plant is included in vegetables and fruits, nuts and cereal grains are excluded from the list of vegetables. Vegetables can be eaten raw as well as cooked and that play an important role in human nutrition,it supply low in fat and carbohydrates and high in vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Most of the vegetables are green in color and some are come in a wide variety of colors and these colors contain many powerful antioxidants and compounds that will help heal and protect human bodies. Most of the vegetables are grown all over the world  if the climate permits. Here we are listing top 5 Countries that Produce the Most Vegetables.



China is world’s number one vegetable producing country in the world. China cultivates over 504 million tons of vegetables per year. The main vegetables producing regions are situated in central and eastern part of China. The major produced vegetables in china are cabbages, tomatoes, cucumber and gherkins etc.


India is world’s second vegetable producing country after China and they produce amount of vegetables with over 86 million tons per year. The main vegetables produced in India are Potato, Tomato, Carrot, Brinjal, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Guards, Bhendi, Onion, Peas, Radish, Beet root, and other leafy vegetables. Top 3 vegetable producing states India are West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

United States

The United States of America  is one of the largest producer vegetables in the world they grows over 40 million tons of vegetables a year. The Vegetable market in the U.S. can be divided into two types that are fresh market and processing.The Upper Midwest and the Pacific States (California, Washington, and Oregon) has produce largest vegetable acreage for processing and California, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and New York harvest the largest acreage for the fresh market.


Turkey is  is on eof the largest producer of vegetables now a days and its primary vegetables are sugar beets.  They produces nearly 30 million tons of vegetables a year. The production of vegetables has been estimated to be approximately 29.5 million tons in 2015,  that is 3.2 percent when compared  with 2014.


Iran is also a leading vegetable producing country and it grows many vegetables like spinach, green beans, pumpkins and squash. They produces more than 17 million tons of vegetables per year. There were going tremendous cropping potential in many regions of Iran for vegetables of all kinds throughout the season.

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