Top 10 best Photoshop photos in the world (widely spread images across the world)

These are the top 10 photoshop images which are fooled millions of people and their belief. Such widely spread images list shown below for your reference. Such all photos created by a single person or by a group of photoshop experts in different occasions. Photoshop is the most important image and text manipulation software in the world. Currently photoshop using several thousands of peoples and designing companies. Since my childhood, i am doing works at photoshop and creates awesome photos and logos.

List of Top 10 Photoshop images

1.¬† Biggest human skeleton found in India ( Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha like skeleton found in India)

Ghatotkacha, is a character in the Mahabharata, which is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. Ghatotkacha is the son of Bhima and the giantess Hidimbi (sister of Hidimba). His maternal parentage made him half-rakshasa and gave him many magical powers such as the ability to fly that made him an important fighter in the Kurukshetra war, the climax of the epic. He got his name from his head, which was hairless (utkaca) and shaped like a ghatam.

Note: still nobody claims that this is photoshopped image and everyone believe that this photo is ghatotkacha’s skeleton photo.



2. Giant Royal White sheep found in Australia.

Adwin john named farmer taken this giant sheep in to public. Around 2000 KG wait and a terrible look. Adwin says that he will not sell this pet giant sheep to anybody. This photo is one of the widely spread photo ever in the world. Still some people believe that this is original photo. But the peoples from China, says that this is fake and photoshopped image.


3.Marlboro Cigarettes Marijuana cigarette from Marlboro company
One of the widely spread photoshopped image of marlboro cigarette. Actually this is confirmed as a photoshop work. Because marlboro company have no idea about this type of one cigarette. Marlboro itself confirmed that this type of marijuana cigarette not entered in market. Actually this photo is a super nice creation of somebody through photoshop software.


4. Shark attack photo spread all over the world.

A man who is trying to step down from helicopter through a ladder. That time a big shark trying to catch him by jumping on very height. Actually this photo is created by using photoshop and the copyright owner confirms that this photo is not original.



5. Worlds oldest  swiss watch found

Another big photoshop success. This is actually the creation through photoshop. Oldest swiss watch is one of the best image manipulation using photoshop.


6. The Giant cat in the world (world’s biggest cat)

Alen Peter named person with giant cat in his hand. Alen told that this is his pet cat named “tomy” and this cat is the worlds biggest cat ever found.But the people says that it is a photoshop work of one photoshop expert.


7. Photo taken just before the World trade Center attack

Someone confirms that this photo taken just few seconds back of terrorist attack at world trade center at USA. (9/11). But some other person says that this is photoshopped image. This photo is one of the widely spread photoshop image ever in the world.


8. Weather Photo taken from the Statue of liberty point

This is another widely spread photoshop image creation and this weather photo confirmed that it is done through photoshop.


9. Worlds biggest Dog ever found in the history

Below shown photo says that it is the biggest dog ever found in the world history. But actually this is a photoshop modified image and in the original photo, the dog was another horse. Someone did this photo manipulation and uploaded in internet.



10. Dead Girl Photo spread all over the world

This dead girl photo is another widely spread photoshop image in the world. Actually this is fake and created for fashion magazine. But the peoples shared this photo says dead girl at railway cross.



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  1. Prajil Kumar atholly
    Feb 22, 2015 at 8:32 am

    these are the best photoshop images in the world. thanks a lot for publishing these photos

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