Panasonic Launches Personal Fitness Trainer Called StepFit for Rs 39,990/-

Panasonic India launched its new personal fitness trainer “StepFit” which permitting you to take one step further towards your fitness goal and which can be used by people in all ages. It works on building the core body strength and helps in reducing the weight by sending strong vibrations. These vibrations result in rapid muscle contractions resulting in an effective full-body workout.


The compnay claims that a 30-minute workout on ‘StepFit’ results in burning 360 calories and that is equivalent to running 6 kms. Tadashi Chiba, Divisional Managing Director, Consumer Marketing Division (CMD), said that “With the launch of StepFit, we aim to provide an innovative and effective solution to our consumers who make fitness plans but are not able to pursue them in a long run due to busy schedule”.

StepFit comes with a resistance wire and a wireless remote control for a device. The resistance ropes can be practiced for opposite strength and widen examination postures allowing we to strengthen muscles of opposite physique parts. Additionally it helps to feature a holistic body workout, firming a muscles and relieving joints pains. It will also promotes blood dissemination throughout the limbs, and increases user’s metabolism.

It comes with 3 automatic mode and 8 manual modes. That can be tailored to get desired force and the pedal area has explicit bands representing the different speeds/intensities for walking, jogging and running. The new fantastic personal fitness trainer “StepFit” priced at Rs 39,990/-.

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  1. Gaurisankar hota
    Mar 13, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    Please send me the dealer/distributor address at bhubaneswar, odisha, india

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