Mathpix App Can Solve Handwritten Math Problems Through Your Phone’s Camera

Most of the college students and those who are going to attend the competitive exams fear maths. How ever leave it now. Thanks to the wonders of image understanding technology, we have now Mathpix app, that lets you point your phone camera at a problem and calculates solutions in seconds. Only you have to point your phone’s camera at the equation.


Mathpix works by activating the phone’s camera and holding over to the equation or the problem, which the app highlights as green. It scans the problem and sends it to the server for solutions. Problems that can be solved by the app varies from graphing, algebra, integrals, matrices, and trigonometrs, the app also covering wide range of numerals, Latin and Greek alphabets, and punctuations.

It offres a step-by-step guide and also shows multiple methods to reach a solution that making it a bona fide educational tool. It  requires an internet connection to work bacuase it uses image recognition to process problems and pings its servers to do the mathematical heavy lifting.

Nicolas Jimenez was the lead developer and he uploaded a demonstration of Mathpix magic on Vimeo. He claimed it eaches  “powerful deep learning algorithms to read math by feeding them large amounts of training data,” all while the “algorithms get smarter over time as we get data from users.”. He devoloped the app while being a math PhD student at Stanford and the e app is available for Apple iOS via iTunes.

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