EmbroS, Hardware Startup in India Creating a Change for Visually Challenged Globally

EmbroS is Formerly known as Braille, it is the first human augmentation startup creating products for people not having access to basic sensory functions. EmbroS  Founded on October 2015 by Abhinav S Verma  in Chandigarh. It is looking mainly to building products for the visually challenged. The team is constantly working on improving their products to ensure they are selling the best by the people in need.

 LiveBrailleMini and PRO

Abhinav S Verma said that , “We found a vacuum in the PWD market and thought of building a revolutionary device using breakthrough technology to help the disabled. Currently, we have a laser vision for the visually impaired and are developing world-class products for them”. LiveBraille Mini and PRO are two such products from his startup.

He is also adding that “Imagine a 32 gram ring that the visually challenged could wear on one of his fingers and tell you exactly how far an obstacle is, what is it, where is it going and how fast is it going?”

LiveBraille Mini is a wearable tech that coat itself around a user’s fingers like a ring. It also tells if the obstacle is hard or soft, how fast the object is moving and in what direction. They are also demand that, can look at upto 3000 objects simultaneously with a person using live braille in one second and it is much faster than the real human eye.

The LiveBraille Mini is priced at a good Rs. 6,999/-. There is another product known as LiveBraille Education, this is an continuation to the Mini and It has 8GB of internal storage and has the ability to read all NCERT books and some audiobooks,  priced at Rs. 9,999/-.

Abhinav S states Verma also added that.“Penetration of quality education for the visually challenged has always been a critical problem not only because they cannot independently commute to education places but also because the mode of education is not trivial. Live braille Education claims to solve this problem by delivering education in a completely digital format automated by the Mini,” .

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