‘Aarambh’ PC for Education Initiative Launched by Dell India

Dell India announced the launch of its initiative that aims at making students aware of the importance a personal computer in education on Monday. Company claims that Aarambh is a pan India initiative aimed at spearheading the use of the personal computer (PC) for education.


P. Krishnakumar, Dell India Vice President, Consumer and Small Business , said that “Arming them with new-age skills, enhanced learning and the power of technology, we want to help mould young minds so they are able to find a firm footing in a Digital India”. Through this new initiative Dell will engage with three key audiences — students, teachers and parents — in a series of activities meant to build their confidence and familiarity with using the PC.

The company also said that the year-long project aims to reach 1 million students and 100,000 teachers across 5,000 schools; and 200,000 parents in 75 cities across the country. The programme allows both parents and teachers to actively aid in the educational development of the child, while using a PC and create an encompassing ecosystem and supportive background for the child.

Additionally Aarambh also allows that parents and teachers, who are key influencer’s in a child’s formative years, can help their overall growth by participating in the adoption of PC technology for learning.

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